Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Today's contest isn't an ordinary one, it's a bit different because it's not one you can play in-game. This contest will be our first contest for ChoPoints :)

This will be a drawing contest. You may draw it on the computer, by hand, on the chobots wall, anything. Coloring it is optional but it will probably help your results if you do color it.
1st: 25 ChoPoints
2nd: 12 ChoPoints
3rd: 5 ChoPoints

Draw me, because today was my 300th birthday!

I hope you participate, and remember, those in-game prizes are if gift comes for Juniors, and feel free to reserve a gift item if you think that you'd like it (You have to have the amount needed) - You may reserve a reserved item and the 2 (or more) people can pay more than the original price to purchase their item. Just send me a message (click here) with the item you want to reserve, and I'll put a reserved sign below the item.

Note: Yes, the Rainbow shirt is actually real, a moderator didn't give it to me, I got it on a different account back in beta.

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