Friday, 16 March 2012


Hi everyone
Dave is back in the team!
He also awarded me some cool stuff for winning a contest.
I have 2 days of citizenship and the king's shirt (Dave is the king)

and we have 3 contests! Sliders, checkers and chess!
 Good luck in the contests, and have fun :)

(Like my new Signature?)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Chobots on Mobile

Hi everyone.
I was browsing through some stuff when I discovered a way to play chobots on a mobile.

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I wrote a forum thread on how to do it, you can find out here.
After you configure it, try and play :)
Good Luck!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Contest Double Time!

Hey Everyone!
We have something very cool going on in Chobots. A double contest! That's right - 2 contests at once! We have a Farming Contest and a Garbage Collector Contest.
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Also, with these 2 contests, there will be 4 winners! So if you place 4rth in one of the contests, you will also get a prize! And also, the user who places on both the leader boards and acquires the lowest amount of points, will also get a prize.
Ex: Zoo places 1rst in Garbage Collector and 7th in Cow Mission - He would have a total of 8 points. Puffles places 5th in Garbage Collector and 1rst in Cow Mission - She would have a total of 6 points.
Puffles would win :) Also - I would like to thank Puffles for posting my drawing on TDawg's blog :)

"P.S If you are caught cheating in either events you will be banned from contests for life..."
-Zach on March 9th / 2012

I hope you enjoy these contests! Good Luck.

Welcome Back!

Hi everyone!
Chobots is back online. All the sites work, so you can play.
I hope to see you there! 

Monday, 5 March 2012

Server Maintenance

Hi everyone.. I heard some of you thought that was shutting down. But it's simply just going through updates.
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Any sites that involve chobots.met are unavailable. You can access the blog here.

"We will reimburse all citizenships for 1 day due to the downtime"
-Zach on March 4 / 2012

So don't worry, you won't lose a day of citizenship if you bought it.
The server should be up in 1-5 hours. (Just Guessing)
I hope to see you when the servers are back online!


We will be reimbursing the current citizens of chobots with 2 days of citizenship.
-Zach on March 4 / 2012

The website is up and being restores. We are sorry for the 3 days we've been down and will have a special offer once the site is fully restored!                                           -Zach on March 5 / 2012

Sunday, 4 March 2012

March Citizenship

Hi everyone.
Sorry for the late post about citizenship, I just forgot...
Hehe. Anyways, as zoo said earlier...
"The new Citizenship items will be rolling in shortly..."
-Zach on March 1rst / 2012
(Like our updated quote box?)
The Cho Team updated our Citizenship Items for March 2012!

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With a 1 month purchase, you will receive a Special St. Patricks Day Costume and 20000 Bugs.
With a 6 month purchase, you will receive St Patricks Day Magic, 120000 Bugs and as a Bonus, you will also get an Exclusive Alien Pet!

These are great citizenship items! Make sure you buy them if you can!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Developers

Hi everyone.
Chobots team is on a hiring-spree! 2 Designers (Post below), And 3 Developers!
Congrats to...
  • Secret
  • Ethan
  • Swish
Their trackers:

Good Job!

Awesome Art

Hello everyone.
Neon20 made some amazing art!
 Comment your thoughts!

New designers!

Hello everyone!
2 new designers were hired just hours ago!
Congratulations to...

  • Iboy (Just became an agent too)
  • lbp
Here are their trackers:

Congrats Boys!

Back in Business

Hi everyone.
As you may know, I left to do different things in life.
Well, since I finished those things... I've decided to come back to Chobots.
I hope to see you online!
Stay Cool ;)
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