Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Level are gone

Hey Guys,

Did you notice that levels are gone now you can open the wardrobe with F3 without being 20 level or being citizenship I think it's awesome

New Agents!

Hello! Guess what? The Chobots Team made two new agents! Please welcome, the new agents, Captian and Emilia! Here are their new player cards:
Congratulations Captian and Emilia! You guys deserved it!

Sunday, 29 July 2012


I know a lot of you are thinking about the journalists, and what happened to them?
Well, I talked to Support on Skype and they decided that there will not be any journalists for July (If there were, they'd only be journalists for about 3 days now..). The journalists will be picked very soon, at the end of July or start of August.
Now you're updated on all thins Journalist :)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Art by Kaitlyn123

Today on Chobots, Kaitlyn123 made some amazing artwork on the Citizens' wall. Take a look!:

Drawing of Lololol1 by Kaitlyn123 [click to enlarge]
Awesome job, Kaitlyn! Keep it up and you'll surely get a brush.


Monday, 23 July 2012

Tiny Party

Hey Guys,

Koiz made a very tiny party at the cafe, Doliphin. The Party was she clothed us clothes, made dogs song and Party rock Anthem Song. I have a picture for the party.

You might think why the server change? I will tell you there was a problem in Chobots who talk will be kicked. So the people thought when they change the server it will be fixed (I think the mods fixed it). When the problem fixed Koiz made the Party.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Party on chobots! Guess who got 2nd place?

Good job Eathan! I only got one point but you got like a billion!
Also, here is a picture i drew of Mmjay1:
Bye guys!

I got 5! Milkyway1 had 6 and Peace had 4!

Party and William

Today Koiz held a small party for us. We had a blast, Thanks Koiz!

It was really fun!
Also, I saw William and he even added me :)

That's all for today! Have fun.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

New UI is back!?!

Did you open today? If you did then did you see this?

This is the new UI it was there but it changed and now it's back. What do like better Old or New please comment! By the way I like the both.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Some Sad News

I want to share some bad news with you all. Most of you probably know, we have 3 staff members who quit their job, and an agent who's quitting Chobots.
Here are the trackers of the people either leaving us, or leaving their position, and staying with Chobots.

Jake - Left the Development Committee - Now Agent Citizen

Strawberry - Leaving the Moderation Team - Now Agent
Skeleton / LBP - Forever a Designer - May come back to Chobots
Chewer - Leaving, He just became an agent!

Down for Maintenance

Chobots is currently down for maintenance, when you try to log in, this will show:

Chobots should be back sometime soon, until then, you can find something to do. Maybe read a book, go outside (If the weather is nice), play a boardgame, or just watch TV.

Chobots.net Forum

Hey Guys,

Do you know the forum? No, ok here forum is a site you make posts about Chobots.net and the other people reply to answer What you said.


Suprise Party

Yesterday Chobots had a Suprise Party Magic, little Rain. I hope you had fun.(I didn't see it)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Amazing Blogroll

So, as you can see on the Sidebar, there's a lovely gadget called a blogroll... Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyways, the blogroll has been filling up quite quickly, and I've actually stopped adding blogs to it for now (Because I don't want a blogroll that's longer than 20 blogs), but if you'd like your blog on the beautiful blogroll, you can E-mail me, and I'll check out your blog and decide if it's worthy of being on my precious blogroll. Mwahahahaha! You can e-mail me at this address: eathan.mccue@gmail.com - But please keep in mind this is my personal e-mail address and it's used for my School work, and all my personal conversations with my friends, so spam mails aren't appreciated.
I'm looking forward to adding some more blogs to the blogroll!

Fadaee art

Fadaee is an agent. He can draw good. He's my Friend and he draws to much but I found 1 picture (Sorry).

Here is Fadaee Tracker:                                      Here is Fadaee Picture:

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Hello :D

Hello Blog Viewers,

I am the new Author Maka or Makamakachobot.

I was posting for 1-2 years in Blogger.

You can find me in this Tracker:                                     And here is my signature:


Hello :3

Hello people of Chobots and other lands :D
I am Coloredpencil13 and a new author on Chobuds. Fun, right?
You can find me on Cho in cafe st or underground, drawing on walls. (I was always told not to draw on walls.)

New Author

Hi Everyone, we have a few new authors. Thanks to the rest who applied, we will be hiring more authos in the future. Okay, here are the new Chos you will see posting.

  • Ariannaarguedas
  • Makamakachobot
  • Coloredpencil12

Have fun posting. Also, contact me about the Authors only page. I'll tell you the Password, but if you share it...

Haha, see you all later!

Friday, 13 July 2012

**Become an Author**

*Note: This blog post date has been edited to stay on top of the blog, scroll down for latest posts, Thank You!*

So, I plan to be a bit busier in next couple weeks, so I'll be hiring up to 3 Authors for this blog. I know you'll all want to be an author because my blog is very cool, but as I said, only 3 will be chosen.

:D Amazing drawings!!!

:D omg Santos is an amazing drawer!!! he drew great picture :] Hope you like them too!

:] Great artists

I was walking around then i saw some amazing artists!!! For some reason i couldn't paste it so heres some people instead :] **Note some are from the underground

:D New Author

Hey guys,its Ariannaarguedas im a new author of Eathans Blog! Isnt that exiting :] Well See Ya Later


]: Guys we are sorry but Chewer and Program are quitting , Chewer quit today and Pro is quitting in a week.
Chobots might be looking for new staff :] Good luck

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tracker Editing Tip

I was browsing some awesome blogs, when I saw one by Jake, and there was this great tip on it. Especially good for bloggers/designers who want a white background for their Chobots picture.

Here's an example:

  That's all! Very simple. I know it may be confusing if you're not familiar with HTML Coding, so here's what you need to edit: <center><object height="308" width="235"><param name="FlashVars" value="login=eathan&urlPrefix=http://chobots.net/"><param name="movie" value="http://chobots.net/game/CharWidget.swf"/><embed src="http://chobots.net/game/CharWidget.swf" FlashVars="login=eathan&urlPrefix=http://chobots.net/&background=false" width="235" height="308"/></embed></object>

Just add the highlighted text into your tracker code! If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Shop Updates

The catalogs have been refilled, but there's some changes. Some good some bad. Let's start with the bad. Many clothes have been deleted from each catalog. I guess they'll be coming back later, but not for another couple months. The good news, there's a new item or two, and some clothes usually for citizen are for Junior. Here are some pictures I snapped.

New Glasses

3 old items re-added to the Shop.

New Paint Shirt [Juniors]

Tuba - Now for juniors!

Great Updates! Thanks Chobors Team.

200 Hits?

If you've looked at the sidebar, you'll see there's a Hit counter to count how many visits we've had. It's getting very close to 200, and I'd like to say thank you so much, everyone who's visited. I really appreciate it!

Monday, 9 July 2012

New or Old UI?

So while chobots was down for ever, the chobots team changed the UI (User Interface). I guess it's new, because there are some extra buttons added, but it's the same one from beta of Chobots.net, and Chobots.com, minus the new buttons.
I'm not sure most of Chos appreciate this change, there's been a lot of complaining going on. On the other hand, I love it! I think it's more organized and clean. I'm happy about this change! -Eathan

Uh Oh!

There's been a problem with chobots, so for the moment, we cannot play. You can log in, but the server selection shows this:

Hopefully, Chobots will be back soon. See you then.

New Template

Hey Chobots. I spent an hour or two working on the blog this morning, and as you can see, there's a brand-new template. I think it suits chobots very nicely. Let me know what you think, and give me your suggestions, if you have any.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Some Style in Chobots

I saw some great styles today and someone requested I post them.
Here they are:

Click to enlarge

Nice styles guys!


Okay, the Chobots Team IP Banned my account and kept un-IP Banned it. Then, my account got corrupted somehow. So I cannot use the account Doodle anymore.
I'm using the account Eathan, and I hope to see you on Chobots.