Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Amazing Blogroll

So, as you can see on the Sidebar, there's a lovely gadget called a blogroll... Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyways, the blogroll has been filling up quite quickly, and I've actually stopped adding blogs to it for now (Because I don't want a blogroll that's longer than 20 blogs), but if you'd like your blog on the beautiful blogroll, you can E-mail me, and I'll check out your blog and decide if it's worthy of being on my precious blogroll. Mwahahahaha! You can e-mail me at this address: - But please keep in mind this is my personal e-mail address and it's used for my School work, and all my personal conversations with my friends, so spam mails aren't appreciated.
I'm looking forward to adding some more blogs to the blogroll!

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