Sunday, 30 December 2012

Journalism just got epic.

Hello Everyone!
You know the journalist program?
Well it just became amazing.

On the main blog it says, as soon as the journalist program started in april, all the chobots were so excited! They would dress up their blogs, and it would be litrally like a race to the finish.
The moderators were, and are astoshished at all the creativity and amazing posts they saw
They even had journalists for a few times in a row,
For example I was a journalist for 5 months. xD
So they have updated the badge:
That is wicked! 
And also, they are looking for other things with in a journalist:
They are not looking at the design/activeness as much anymore, but the posts.

Number one rule I have learned from being a journalist:
Do NOT copy straight from the blog.
Write your own posts! It doesn't have to contain all the latest news, but the posts have to be related to chobots

They have added heaps and heaps of new things journalists get, for example!

New Journalist Badge that has blog title
Your blog could be featured on the "play now" page
Mods/Crew of will favourite/bookmark your website
You will be invited to write a blog post on the official post (ERMEGERD THAT IS SAH KEWL!)
You will be added to a mail list where you can receieve top secret info and news before anybody!
One week of free citizenship at the start of the month you get journalism
Get feather item straight away.
Pc crew members, even if their playercard is locked.
Purple name tag

I am dying right now
And jake said:

"Of course, the list is incomplete as we will be adding more and more perks to the Journalist program as time goes by."
Now I have something to say to you,
And on the 2nd of January 2013, you can start submitting your blog.
Be as creative as possible!

So excited! How about you?

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