Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Contest winners and a new contest!

Hello Chobots,

1 week ago, we started some academy contests (Sliders, Checkers, Chess). The contest is over and it's time to post the winners! I saw a lot of people playing the Academy games, trying to win the contest. Some of them got even high scores.

The winners of the sliders contest are:
 1. Dary11 (166.06 points)
 2. Lamby (141.82 points)
 3. Lakshay1520 (138.71 points)

The winners of the Checkers contest are:
 1. Theufo (73.73 points)
 2. Sharpiemaddness (57.08 points)
 3. Deliiciouzz (37.9 points)

The winners of the Chess contests are:
 1. Godlight (129 points)
 2. Boomman (71 points)
 3. Pain (70 points)

    Congratulations winners! Your prizes are:
    •      1st place; 10 days of Citizenship, 10,000 bugs, 1st place medal.
    •      2nd place; 7 days of Citizenship, 7,000 bugs, 2nd place medal.
    •      3rd place; 5 days of Citizenship, 5,000 bugs, 3rd place medal.
    In other News, this weekend we've decided to host another fun competition for you guys to battle against your friends on Chobots and it involves racing!
    If you don't know, the game Chobots Racer is located in the Space Quay.

    You got 12 days to race, drive faster than the Nichos, earn points, and win!
    After these 12 days, the best racers that will come to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will recieve some days of Citizenship, an amount of bugs, and this nice trophy:
    Have fun driving, and remember don't crash into the Nichos, and Do Not Cheat.

    Good luck everyone!

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