Saturday, 11 August 2012

Checkers Winners

Many of you have been working hard to be crowned victor in this checkers competition! Well, the results are in and the winners are here. Take a look.

In first place we have Boomman with a score of 46.98.
In second place we have Bo3lawey with a score of 31.28.
And in third place with a convincing score of 24.60 is Blabber.

This is what they've received:
  • Boomman - 1 Week of Citizenship, 4000 bugs and a 1st Place Medal.
  • Bo3lawey - 5 Days of Citizenship, 3000 bugs and a 2nd Place Medal.
  • Blabber - 3 Days of Citizenship 2000 bugs and a 3rd place Medal.

Did anyone else notice our 3 winners' names all start with B? Interesting. If you look at the score board, you'll see that the contestants of 4th to 8th place have a very close score. That's all for today.


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