Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lots of updates.

There's been many things going on! First off, my wifi has been down for the past couple days, so I have not been posting or playing Chobots. It's fixed now, though, so I'll be playing regularly.
Now, a nice list of updates:

New Blog Look!

New Site Look

New Journalists for August

Picture from

Classic UI is back

Choprof is here

Chopix is here

Samantha is here

Credits to ToastyTim

Now that's a lot of updates! I was gone 2 days and all that happened.. They chobot team must be working hard. I'd just like to say, we got awarded with Journalist blog this month! We'll try out best to keep this blog updated.
And I'd like to say thanks to my authors who are doing their best to contribute to this blog. Thank you Makamakachobot, Coloredpencil13, Ariannaarguedas, and Kaciana. I know some of them have not been posting, but they're busy, and if they cannot post, they'll notify other authors of the updates, which really helps a lot! Thank you guys, I appreciate it!
P.S: You have to press f3 to open your wardrobe, not f2.

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