Thursday, 16 August 2012

Some new agents

Everyone has been waiting for the new Agents. Here are the results of the poll:

#11 catzpress- 16 votes
#10 dizzymcdirby7777- 43 votes
 #09 master720- 51 votes
 #08 newy- 58 votes
 #07 kacianna- 59 votes
 #06 vatsal- 70 votes
 #05 eathan- 87 votes

The Winners
  #04 amoona- 96 votes
 #03 twinklefairyx- 97 votes
 #02 itunez- 109 votes
 #01 program-- 149 votes

Congratulations to everyone, you did amazing! A special congrats to the 4 winners. We also have some more agents. These people were chosen by the Chobots team, they were not in the poll.


Those are the 6 new agents! Good job. You can find them posting on The Agent Blog with news and updates.
I had a brilliant day, I know I didn't win the poll, but I sure got close. I was next in line, so I have more confidence now. I also got a special Prize from the Chobots team, 10000 bugs and a V.I.C Shirt. I'm not sure what the shirt is for but the bugs are for getting 5th place on the poll. 

Have a fantastic day on Chobots! And by the way, the Agent Party was awesome! There's was lots of Rain, Magic and Lag :P Don't worry if you didn't catch much rain, I caught none since I was logged on through my iPhone.