Sunday, 30 September 2012

Blog Contest Winners!

Congrats to Moose, Peace and Mollyful for winning the Autumn blog contest! It was quite fun designing my blog and the owner of this blog, Eathan certainly did a good job with his. :)

Here is Mooses blog, I liked how he designed his header with pumpkins, and the three chobots. Click here to visit Mooses blog!

Peaces blog was great! I loved how she put some monsters in the windows of her haunted house and the witch on the header. Click here to visit Peaces blog!

Mollyfuls was very stylish. She even went the extra mile and designed the banners for the theme. She has definitely shown her Photoshop skills. :) Click here to visit Mollyfuls blog!

I really loved those and if you entered the competition and didn't win. Don't worry, on Cho there are always loads of comps to enter. 


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