Saturday, 29 September 2012

Party review!

Hey guys, Program here! :D Okay, so Chobots hit 500 followers on facebook and decided to throw a party! It was at 21:00 (9 PM) Cho-Time in the park so if you could make it, I had fun with you, if not, there is always a next time! So those who didn't see what happened, I took a few pictures to have you guys see what you missed. There was cool quizes and contests along with awesome music, rain, and magic!

Party was here in the park! :D

One of our contests where to draw something thats spooky and related to halloween so I decided to join! Koiz was the judge and she gave me some cool stuff (in playercard)

My picture I made for the contest!

Some prizes I got are shown above along with the backround! :D

Anyways, so afterwards, we partied like crazy :D Here are some pictures!

We had a great time! Sorry if you weren't there to experience it with us! But always remember that there will be another time. Also, chobots is almost 1 year old! You never know if another party will pop up for that! :) Tune in for more updates with me! Cya around!

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